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Know Why Blue Pitbull Puppies are Great Pets to Have

There are different types of dog breeds that one can choose from in having a pet. But among these breeds of dogs, the more popular one is the blue pitbull, and this is because of their love for human contact, for being very affectionate, and of their sportive nature.

A word of advice though, that before you make a final decision about the kind of pitbull dog that you want to have as pet, that you get to know which breed want as the best for your liking and thus do some research.

Pitbull puppies are experienced to be one of the most adorable and demanded dogs, and it has a robust and energetic physique that make people consider them as idea pets. Considered as loyal and friendly are what makes this dog a common favorite pet. Know that pitbull puppies come in different kinds and one of the most popular of them is the blue pitbull. Aside from the description of being a lovable and adorable look, these dogs have features that we can describe briefly below.

When looking for a blue pitbull puppy, be aware of their color and based from the color of their fur they got their name. The color of these dogs are usually black, but their fur has a tinge of blue due to some kind of gene. Because the tinge is very slight, the color is sometimes described as husky shade of gray, although the fur is usually a combination of blue, black and white. With the genes attributes, the color of this dog forms around the middle of the fur leaving the tip as colorless. This dog is further identified by the blue color of his or her eyes and the nose.

Another way you can know an original pitbull puppy is by body examination, which an original breed usually weighs around 70 pounds, and their body appears very slender but muscular and lean. It is observed that they are very strong and fast even with this physique.

These dogs can be recognized too with their behavior and temperament, but sometimes people would wrongly think them to be arrogant and very dangerous dogs. Other characteristics of this breed is that it enjoys the company of people, is less prone to frustration, and thus they are very friendly. Other characteristics of this type of dog is being loyal and can be easily trained, and if you see one that seems aggressive, it is an individual case. When this happens, it could be of the past treatments and environment experienced by the dog and not its breed.

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